Ukrainian Tech Founders Are Becoming Hackers

Earlier this year, Ukrainian founders were building their businesses, but now they are becoming cyber warriors.

The war in Ukraine isn’t just being fought on the battleground; there’s also a war raging in cyberspace.


The Hacker Army Assembles

Yegor Aushev is the co-founder of Cyber Unit Technologies, which is a Cyber security company in Kyiv and is working with Ukraine’s government to defend critical infrastructures.

The Ukraine Defense Ministry has requested help from the hacker underground, and Aushev has been busy at work turning volunteers into offensive cyber units.

Usually, countries try to arrest hackers, not ask for their help.


Dyma Budorin Is another founder turned hacker who has transitioned his blockchain security company Hacken into a cyber warfare unit.

He told Yahoo Finance that his entire 70-member team is still handling client operations, but the rest of their time is spent on cyber combat.


This is an interesting development that hasn’t been seen before during a conflict because usually, countries have their own cyber warfare departments, but Ukraine never had a cyber warfare branch.

 There are already reports of Ukraine preventing cyber attacks, including an attempt on their power grid. 


It Doesn’t Stop With Hacking

A Ukrainian electronics startup that had dreams of going to the moon is now donating communication units to the Ukrain military and reprogramming 3D printers to make gun parts.

Ukranian devises donated


 “The first days of the war were mostly a shock,” Khmara said. “We quickly realized that it was not possible to continue business as usual. We suspended manufacturing and put all the efforts into supporting our army’s needs.”


The Survival Instinct

The human spirit never ceases to amaze me. Humans always find a way, no matter how dire the circumstances.

One Ukrainian team is running their startup from a bunker and wrote an entire story about it on their site. It’s honestly a must-read.

6295fe1523566224a28c413b Founder story image 2
The founders of Awesomic in a bunker


Judging by the Similarweb traffic stats, they are killing it.


War is terrible, and I hate it, but it brings out incredible stories of ordinary people rising up.

The Ukrainian people are truly fighting the enemy on all fronts.

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