Twitter Is Adding E-commerce Features

Twitter is the latest social network going after E-commerce.


While Meta is going after the virtual metaverse, it seems every other social network is going after e-commerce.

Three weeks ago, we talked about how Youtube is adding live stream shopping, and now Twitter is entering the space.


Twitter just released a test feature that allows you to get in-app reminders when a new product launches. Below is a photo of the UI.

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Right now, only a few Twitter accounts, such as Home Depot and Fossil, have access to this feature. It is expected to roll out in the coming months.


It does not connect to your website via any integrations. Right now, it just directs people to a link you specify.


I like this idea. It’s unique compared to other e-commerce features being rolled out on other social networks. 

I could see this as a tool for brands and e-commerce businesses to test interest before launching a new product.

This would also pair well with Kickstarter launch campaigns to generate more interest.


Will people use this feature? I do think it has a lot of potential. The question I have is how engaged will people be? 

Usually, an excellent prelaunch strategy requires you to send frequent updates before the product is launched.


Sending out one in-app notification might get some additional interest in your product, but will it be better than collecting people’s emails?

Only time will tell.






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