The Top 30 Best Free Aesthetic Notion Templates

Notion is the new hot thing when it comes to organization and productivity, and for good reason. It’s extremely user-friendly and completely free to use for personal use! What I love the most about Notion is the community behind it. You can find people doing amazing things with this app, and even hosting their own websites, yes you can do that in notion!



Best Free Notion Templates To Use

We’ve already done the hard work for you and spent hours searching the internet and personally trying out all the free templates available. We created this comprehensive list that features the best aesthetic-looking templates that are also actually usable and most importantly, free!

Whether you are a small business owner, student, or freelancer, you’re going to find something here that will make your life easier while also looking aesthetically pleasing. If you are a student then check out of article on the best free notion templates for students.



Aesthetic Student Dashboard

This free student dashboard template looks great and includes over 16 different templates and modules!. From a habit tracker, budget tracker, goal list and so much more. You are set to accomplish your academic dream using this template. I also love the weather widget!

Frame 4

You can get it Here



StudyOs Notion Template

This is another fantastic option for students. This template features a more minimal layout and has fewer modules, but we really do love the layout and calendar at the bottom. It has everything you need and nothing else. The side hustle module is also a nice touch.

Frame 1 2

You can get it here



Ultimate Tasks

If you are interested in productivity and you watch youtube, then you are likely familiar with YouTuber Thomas Frank. If you love his productivity hacks then you will love his very own Notion Templates called Ultimate Tasks. It’s probably the most comprehensive task and project management notion template out there. It’s completely free and actually provides more functionality than most paid project management templates. If you are looking to get your tasks and projects organized then pick up this template!

Frame 2

You can get it here



Pastel Sky Theme

This theme is absolutely gorgeous while also being really usable. It features a simple task layout along with a calendar and project view. We love how you can tag your projects depending on what stage they are in.

Frame 5

You can get it here



Aesthetic Finance Tracker

Who says finance has to be boring? What separates this template from the rest is how visual the layout is. I find a lot of finance trackers in Notion to be very plain. As a visual person, I appreciate this template. You are able to organize things by color and It has features like an expense tracker and income distribution tracker.

Frame 3

you can get it here



Strategic Marketing Plan

if you are a marketer then you will love this template. it looks great while also having industry-specific goals and columns such as target demographic and brand promises. Definitely worth a download for marketers and small business owners.

Frame 6

you can get it here



S.M.A.R.T Goal Tracker

I love the minimalistic feel of this goal tracker. I also think the progress bars are a nice visual touch you don’t see with other goal trackers and it honestly makes a lot of sense. If you need a visual way to track and record your goals this is a must-have template!

Frame 6 1

You can get it here



5 Minute Journal

This free template takes journaling to the next level by adding in a calendar so you can see visually the different things you wrote down each day! This makes tracking progress very easy and intuitive.

Frame 6 2

You can get it here



Habit Tracker

This is another fantastic notion template from YouTuber Thomas Frank! This habit tracker is really something special because it allows you to use checkboxes so you can just click the radial boxes instead of having to manually write down all of your habits each day. It then records your habits and displays them in an intuitive dashboard giving you insights into your daily habits.

Frame 7

You can get it here.



Podstack Kit

Starting a podcast? Then this is the perfect notion template for you. I tried multiple different templates, and honestly the other were just overly complicated, this one is simple, but the only one I actually ended up using and is the most user-friendly. It has what you need in a simple dashboard layout.

Frame 7 1

Get it here



Aesthetic Life Dashboard

Need to organize your personal life in a beautiful way? This is the template for you! It features a very beautiful layout with attractive icons and imagery. It’s also very usable with a linked calendar, daily horoscope, daily routine checker, wishlist, and much more! It even has a music player.


Frame 7 2

Get it here



Bookshelf Template

A quick and easy notion template for tracking and organizing your reading list! I like how easy it is to add book covers which makes this template very aesthetically pleasing compared to other reading list templates.

Frame 8

You can get it here.



Notion Fitness Tracker

A minimalistic and functional fitness tracker with unique features such as tracking progress by the body part and exercise type. it also allows you to track everything by the dates and gives you a dashboard to track progression over time and overall progress.


Frame 9

You can get it here



Personal CRM

Need an easy way to track relationships? This is the go-to template. It allows you to organize people by category and allows you to save their information in an anesthetic and easy to understand way. This even allows you to set follow-up reminders, which is really cool.

Frame 9 1

Get it here



Recipe Cookbook

This is a beautiful template for organizing recipes! It even comes pre-loaded with some pretty good recipes already in it. I might try the tenderloin steak!

Frame 9 2

Download it here



Smart Portfolio

if you are a designer, architect, or someone in the creative field, this notion template is a must-have. It allows you to organize and beautifully showcase your portfolio without having to create your own website!

Frame 9 3

get it here



My Homepage Template

Another colorful and aesthetically pleasing home page template. It’s your central command for life. Allowing you to track things like water consumption, internet links, and sleep. It features a personal to-do list and more.

Frame 9 4

Get it here.



Boho Notion Template

A fantastic home dashboard template. This features a custom calendar, weather, and music app! I love how the resources and daily tasks are organized and designed.

Frame 9 5

get it here



Isabellas Daily Dashboard

my favorite thing about this Template is the colors. It also features a good variety of different features. I love the coffee time Gif and the task tracker is to die for.

Frame 9 6

Get it here



Today Aesthetic Notion Calendar

This is a minimalistic approach to the notion calendar that I think some will absolutely love. I like the docket feature to the right of the calendar. This is probably the ideal calendar layout.

Frame 9 7

You can find it here



My Plant Journal

if you are a plant lover, then you know how important it is to keep track of each and every one of them. That’s a monumental task made much easier with these free templates. It allows you to track everything from water frequency with dates and timing, all the way down to the species.

Frame 9 8

You can download it Here



Personal Growth Habit Tracker

A great little habit tracker. I love the layout and the toggles. It’s a unique approach to habit tracking and its one of the best out there.

Frame 9 9

Get it here



Aesthetic Recipe Book

Another great recipe book. This one is a more simple layout, but that’s honestly all you need. It comes preloaded with some nice imagery.

Frame 10

Get it here



Simple Meal Planner

This goes with the recipe book above. It focuses more on planning your meals and comes with a grocery checklist, food stock levels, and batching features.

Frame 10 1

Download it here



Second Brain

This is a collection of well-thought-out templates for multiple things. It allows you to track books, tv series, content scheduling, bucket lists, journal tracking, and much more. Its created to track and organize better thoughts.


Frame 8 5

Download it here



Isabellas Sage Green Template

Another beautiful and aesthetic template from Isabella. It features beautiful sage green-themed imagery and has a ton of features and also has a place for inspirational quotes on the home screen. One of my favorites.

Frame 9 11

get it here



Personal Website Notion Template

Did you know you can create personal websites in Notion? Well, you can! and this is probably the best free layout for a personal website. You can use this to create a portfolio or showcase your professional expertise.

Frame 9 12

You can get it here



Self Care Journal

it’s important to take care of yourself physically and emotionally. This template is perfect for that allowing you to track your sleep, mood, and more. it also features a diary and personal thought session tracking.

Frame 10 2

Download it here



Goal Workbook

last but not least is the goal workbook template. it’s beautiful and color-coded allowing you to see your goals and potential obstacles in a beautiful layout. I honestly really liked the layout and found it very usable and helpful. It’s much better than just a numbered list like what I was using before.

Frame 10 3

You can get it here.


That’s our list! We hope you found it useful, be sure to browse our website for other helpful notion posts.


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