The New Youngest Billionaire Isn’t From Crypto

The new youngest billionaire in the world isn’t a crypto bro, but he did drop out of MIT.

Forbes just released a cover on Alexandr Wang, the newest billionaire who happens to be only 25.

Alexandr is the CEO of Scale AI, which helps large companies make sense of their data sets with their powerful AI data platform.

I’m not smart enough to fully understand everything they do, but they have a killer website.

And yes his name is Alexandr without the “e.”


Early Days

Recruiters noticed Alexandr during a coding competition in high school and invited him to move out to Mountain View California, to work at Quora.

After working at Quora for a few years, he decided to go to MIT, but apparently, it was too boring for him.

His parents were disappointed with him, But he had a big idea.


The Billion-Dollar Idea

In 2016 Alexandr co-founded a company called Scale. Their mission was to accelerate the development of AI applications.

They viewed AI as a once in a millennia idea that would be more important than the advent of the computer.

They created a streamlined data platform that allows companies to curate and label massive amounts of information that can be interpreted into AI applications. Wow, what a mouth full.


Investors agreed with them and have put $602 million into the company so far. You can view funding on Crunchbase.

scale ai funding


Scale AI has some giant customers such as Nvidia, Flexport, the Us Army, Square, and more.

scale customers


Scale AI is now worth an estimated 7.3 Billion dollars and has just made Alexandr a billionaire.



They also have strong opinions about Lidar and how their technology should be complementary.

They even wrote this blog post, “Is Elong Wrong About Lidar?”


Wrapping up, I don’t have anything against crypto, but it’s nice to see people hit the billionaire club who are providing real value in the world, and not just speculating.


Have a great day!

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