The Best 70+ GoodNotes Templates (Free & Premium)

The Best 70+ GoodNotes Templates Free & Premium

When it comes to taking notes on your iPad, GoodNotes really stands out. It creates a digital Notebook experience that allows you to organize things in a visual way. GoodNotes has defined pages, apple pencil support, and you can even design your own journal covers. It also features multiple tabs and even a desktop app which makes organization easy and seamless.

GoodNotes also allows you to import templates so you are never starting from scratch. There are literally hundreds of thousands of them out there, so we took the time to curate the top 50+ best free and premium GoodNote templates.

Everything in this blog post is organized by template type like “digital Planner Templates” or “Task and To-Do Templates” so you can find what you’re looking for more easily. All sections feature free and premium options.

So no matter what you’re looking for we have an option that will save you time and make you a GoodNotes master.


Best GoodNotes Digital Planner Templates

Plan out your day or even your entire year with these digital planner templates. Weather your planning your next startup or just planning your work we, there’s a template to keep you organized!

This is just an overview so if you want to read more details and explore even more digital planner templates for GoodNotes then check out our article about the best digital planner templates.



The Best Free GoodNotes Digital Planner Templates

The best Premium GoodNotes Digital Planner Templates


GoodNotes Journal Templates

here are our picks for the best journaling templates. These templates feature cool things like habit tracking, gratitude and motivation journaling. These templates can help you get a better idea about your thought patterns, and help be more positive, and get more done!



The Best Free GoodNotes Journal Templates

The best Premium GoodNotes Journal Templates



GoodNotes Personal Finance Templates

Personal finance can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. With these templates you can keep track of all those pesky expenses, make a budget, and even create a debt repayment plan!



The Best Free GoodNotes Personal Finance Templates

The Best Premium GoodNotes Personal Finance Templates



GoodNotes Digital Notebook Templates

Here are our favorite simple and aesthetic notebook templates. These feature interesting things such as different paper types like grids when you need to sketch something. Most have tabs which is perfect for taking multiple notes on different subjects!



The Best Free GoodNotes Notebook Templates

The Best Premium GoodNotes Notebook Templates



GoodNotes Tasks and To-Do List Templates

Here are our picks for the best Task and to do list templates. Easily write down your tasks for the day and them check off the boxes as you get things done! A few of these templates even allow you to track what tasks you get done though the entire week!



The Best Free To-Do List GoodNotes Templates

The Best Premium To-Do List GoodNotes Templates



GoodNotes All In One Planner Templates

These templates are the swiss army knifes of GoodNotes templates. These templates are entire planner systems that feature tons of different templates. From yearly calendars, dashboards, and special goal tracking pages, these templates could make the ultimate iPad workstation.



The Best Free All In One GoodNote Planners

The Best Premium All In One GoodNote Planners



GoodNotes Student and Study Templates

Staying on track in school has never been easier with these GoodNotes templates for students. Track all your classes, create semester overviews, and even chart the progress of all your grads in one place!



The best Free Student GoodNote Templates

The Best Premium Student GoodNote Templates



GoodNotes Habit Tracker Templates

tracking your habits is one of the best ways to see where you are wasting your time. These templates make habit tracking a breeze with complete weekly and monthly tracking. You can even track your habits by color, or on a grid to get a visual perspective!



The Best Free GoodNotes Habit tracker Templates

The Best Premium GoodNotes Habit tracking Templates



GoodNotes Business Planner Templates

If you are currently running a business or looking to start the next big thing, these templates will help you. below you can find the notorious Business model Canvas template that big startups such as DropBox used to hone their ideas. You can also find handy task lists, and even full on project management templates.



The Best Free Business GoodNotes templates

The best Premium Business GoodNotes Templates



GoodNotes Fitness Planner Templates

tracking your fitness progress has never been easier. these templates will help you create and track a compete workout plan. Some even include diet plan tracking and even some recopies!



The Best Free GoodNotes Fitness Templates

The Best Premium GoodNotes Fitness Templates



Best GoodNotes Notebook Covers

You could have the best templates in the world but no one wants a ugly notebook cover! here are our favorite selections to make your notebook covers look more aesthetic!



The Best Free GoodNotes Notebook Covers

The Best Premium GoodNotes Notebook Covers



Ok! That is our complete list of the best GoodNotes templates on the Internet! If you made it to the end of this article then I want to Invite you to join our email list where you will find more cool and free resources to help you reach your goals!


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