The Best Aesthetic IOS 16 Home Screen Ideas

Want the best aesthetic ios 16 home screen ideas? We review everything you need to know, from icon packs to widgets.

There are thousands of combinations, so in this article, I will go over some of the best aesthetic ios home screen ideas, including widgets, icon packs, backgrounds, and more. I searched all over the web to bring you the most up-to-date and best-looking examples and ideas I could find. No matter if you like the blacked-out look, or something more colorful, there’s something for you here.

You will find everything you need to create the perfect aesthetic look for your iPhone home screen and take your device’s experience to the next level.

The Best Aesthetic IOS 16 Home Screen Ideas

Minimalist Dark Theme

This is by far the best dark mode theme out there. It comes with a full theme for only about $7 on Etsy. I love the clean icons back and the contrast with the background image.


You can download it here

Limitless Modern Theme

If you are looking for a more colorful yet modern home screen design. Then I like the limitless icon and theme set.


You can download it here

The Best Aesthetic IOS App Icon Packs


This is probably the best collection of icons packs out there. I love the attention to detail; they are all organized in multiple sets.


You can get them here


If you wish you could go back to the more realistic icons of IOS of the original iPhones but updated for the modern-day, that’s exactly what Caramel is. They feature highly detailed IOS icons with a more 3d or layered appeal.


You can get Caramel here

The Best Aesthetic IOS Homescreen Widgets


If you are looking for those crispy and aesthetically pleasing calendar apps you see online, they are using an app called Fantastical. It’s a fantastic calendar app, but it also gives you the notorious widget. What I love about this app is it goes beyond just a beautiful IOS app, it also has a beautiful Mac, Ipad, and apple watch app to go with it.

Best AestheticIosHomeScreenideasFantastical

You can get fantastical here


This widget is simple, but it’s super handy. All it does is display information about your battery life. The reason it’s on this site s because it does so in a very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing way. As you can see from the image below, your battery is displayed on your home screen in these cool little circles.


You can find instructions to get this widget here

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