Stripe Released a Marketplace

Stripe just released an app marketplace, and yes, it’s more than just integrations.

The marketplace will allow you to install new apps directly into Stripe, similar to the Shopify app marketplace.

You can check out the new Stripe marketplace here.


Here are a few examples of apps.



in the Mailchimp app, you can see a dashboard showing how your emails drive sales.

Data Exporter

This app allows you to export data directly from Stripe into your google drive. It also comes with filtering features.

Profitwell Health Scores

This app flags customers at risk of canceling who can still be saved. it also finds high engaged customers who are opportunities for revenue expansion.



 there seem to be more than 50 at launch, and this ecosystem will develop further over time.


This is an excellent move by Stripe. It seems like they want to become your central business hub. I am on board with this idea.

I have complained for the longest time about how fragmented things are for SAAS and digital companies.

When I was running my e-commerce business, I loved how everything was centralized on Shopify, and it seems this is what Stripe is trying to accomplish.



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