Programming Is No Longer The Fastest Growing Job In Tech

For the longest time, the coolest job In tech was becoming a programmer. In 2022, things have changed.

It’s’ more accessible than ever to create software, and companies are becoming more customer-facing. Coding isn’t always the most in-demand or high-priority tech job anymore.

Here are four jobs growing Faster than programming, and a few of these might surprise you.

Product Manager

Product Managers are people who look at KPIs to see what features customers are using or not using. They communicate with development teams to come up with new features and ideas. In short, they make sure your product doesn’t suck.

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Data analyst

Companies have a lot of data, sometimes too much data. That’s why Data Analysis is becoming a super popular job. People in this role help companies collect, organize, and use data to make decisions.

Data Analyst

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success managers arent your typical customer support agents who talk to you with an indian accent. This high-level role focuses on making sure customers get value from your service. They help with strategy, implementation, and education of customers. They help companies reduce churn and increase LTV

Customer Success Manager

Sales Development Representative

With advertising costs increasing and SEO becoming more competitive, tech companies are returning to old-school cold calling. Sales development representatives target potential customers and attempt to build relationships with the goal of gaining new customers.

Sales Development Representative

Wrapping Up

If you are a programmer don’t be upset, I don’t think your jobs are going away anytime soon.

I actually think this is a good thing because these are expanding roles, and not removing other positions like programming. It challenges the false assumption that you have to be technical to work in our field.

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