Top 5 Best Notion Templates For YouTubers

Top 5 Best Notion Templates For YouTubers

YouTube is one of the best ways to build an audience online, but planning videos can be time consuming and difficult so here are our top 5 Notion Templates for YouTubers. These are the top 5 best ones, and most of them are actually free. We covered everything from planning videos, keeping a schedule, and more!


If you are looking for a complete list of notion templates besides ones specifically for YouTube then check out our blog on the 30 best Notion templates.


Best Notion Templates For YouTube

This is a short list because you don’t really need more than the ones we mentioned on this list. We give you exactly what you need, no fluff or filler content.


Video Project Tracker Template For Notion

Thomas Frank has created arguably the best free notion template for YouTubers. It has everything you need from video planning, project tracking, scheduling editing checklists and more. He also himself runs a channel over over 2 million subscribers, so he probably knows what he’s talking about. Oh and did we mention its totally free?


Download Video Project Tracker Template (free)


The New Video Template

Ali Abdaal is another massive YouTuber with over 2.8 million subscribers and he also released his own free notion template. It’s a simple yet effective template that allows him to plan a new video in a structured way while also being able to explore or remix ideas. he made a video about it that you can watch here, we also left a direct link to the template below!


Download The New Video Template (free)


Social Media Home

Here is another great free template created by notion themselves. Its called the social media home. Its a great full monthly view calendar where you can schedule out all of your videos and even other types of social media. I like how you can track the progress of different videos by tagging things “in progress” or “posted”


Download Social Media Home (free)


YouTube Master Dashboard

This is the only premium template on our list, but its packed with features and is only $5 bucks. It was made by YouTuber Alex Perri and features a well organized to do list, monthly calendar, and a YouTube dashboard with specific content filters. My favorite part about this template is the left side bar navigation, its very beautiful and useful, I’m surprised more notion templates aren’t set up this way. you can watch his overview video here.


Download YouTube Master Dashboard


Video Trackr Template

The guys over at codeSTACKr made this really nice and free dark themed video tracker template. Its perfect for the more technical person who likes to track different subjects in each video while also tracking reference material. My favorite part about this template is the different blocks for the video outline section.


Download Video Trackr Template (free)


That’s it! I know it was short, but i wanted to just get straight to the point and give you the best resources out there. I hope you found this useful and Goodluck starting or running your YouTube channel!


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