Top 15+ Mac Clock Screensavers For The Perfect Setup


A mac clock screensaver is a fantastic way to take your setup and productivity to the next level. We created a comprehensive list of our favorite mac clock screensavers. We chose the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing screensavers that would perfectly fit modern setups.

All screensavers are compatible with macOS, and even a few have add-ons that work with IOS, so you can have the same screensaver on multiple devices. If you want more options besides just clock screensavers or want to find screensavers that can also work on Windows, then be sure to check out or blog on the best aesthetic screensavers for Mac and windows here!

With that being said, let’s get into the list of mac clock screensavers!


Retro Flip Clock Screensaver

This is one of the most popular mac clock screensavers, and for a good reason. It perfectly recreates the retro vintage look of an old flip clock. It features beautiful animations, and the font is highly legible. This option also comes with a companion IOS screensaver that you can place on your phone, so your screensaver will match on all devices.


Download It Here


Word Clock Mac Screensaver

If you are looking for something more unique, this could be the perfect option. This clock highlights the words associated with the time instead of showing the traditional numbers. It is entirely dynamic, and you can even customize the colors and fonts.


Download It Here


Grid Mac Clock Screensaver

This is one of my personal favorite mac clock screensavers. It works similarly to the world clock screensaver by dynamically highlighting the words associated with the time. I like this design better because it looks a little less cluttered, and the grid gives a clean and minimal appearance.


Download It Here


Gridfiti Aura Clock Mac Screensaver

If you are looking for a colorful mac clock screensaver, this is our pick. This screensaver features a selection of 6 beautiful gradients, and I love the font style of the clock. They have free and premium options available.


Download It Here


Clock Mac Screensaver

Here is a fantastic traditional clock screensaver. It is fully animated and was created by designer Sam Soffes who modeled the dial and hands off the Braun BN0032 watch. It’s totally free, but you need some experience with GitHub to download and run the files. There are instructions included, so it should be relatively straightforward.


Download It Here


Apple Watch Mac Screensaver

If you love the look of your Apple Watch, the good news is that you can have the same design as a mac clock screensaver! This free screensaver was created by a design agency and comes with five different watch faces that are all dynamic and animated.


Download It Here


Polar Clock Mac Screensaver

This mac clock screensaver might not be the easiest to read, but it’s gorgeous. The Polar Clock inspired it, and if you learn to read it, it’s actually quite handy because it tells you the time and the date! The animations are smooth, and the best thing is it’s free!


Download It Here


Minimal Mac Clock Screensaver

If you’re looking for that perfect minimal and modern mac clock screensaver, then we have you covered. This option doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles; it simply tells the time. This is one of my go-to clock screensavers because it looks perfect when photographing my office desk setup.


Download It Here


Countdown Mac Clock Screensaver

This countdown mac screensaver is a fantastic choice if you are counting down the days to an upcoming vacation or a product launch date. You can enter a specific date, and the countdown will display the time left until that day arrives. It features days, hours, minutes, and even seconds for that added dramatic effect. Defiantly a unique screensaver that’s worth checking out.


Download It Here


Digital Clock Mac Screensaver

If you like that retro 90s digital clock aesthetic, this is the screensaver for you. It displays the time in the style of an old LED clock. You can change the color, and it even has multiple backgrounds to choose from.


Download It Here


Will Return Mac Clock Screensaver

If you are planning to walk away from your desk and want people to know when you plan to return, then the Will Return clock is perfect. You can enter a time you plan to return that will display on your Mac as a screensaver..


Download It Here


Momentum Dashboard

This is not a native mac clock screensaver; it is an app that runs in the browser, but don’t let that stop you from checking this out. The moment dashboard is the perfect home screen. It organizes all of your links and chrome folders beautifully. It also comes with some nifty features like notes and to-do lists. Oh, and it displays the time and weather.


Download It Here


Panerai Watch Mac Screensaver

This is the perfect mac clock screensaver if you are a wristwatch lover. It perfectly recreates the dial of a Panerai Luminor marina watch and displays it as a screensaver on your Mac. I think the green loom is a nice touch.


Download it Here


Gridfiti Flix Clock Mac Screensaver

This is another retro-inspired flip clock screensaver, but this one features an array of different colors. So if you don’t like black, then this collection of screensavers might have that perfect color you are looking for.


Download It Here


Color Clock Mac Screensaver

This is another great option for those who want something with a little color, but maybe you don’t like the aesthetic of the flip clock. This features a simple and legible clock with a nice pop of color.


Download It Here


Gridfiti Retro Anime Mac Clock Screensaver

This is probably one of the most unique screen savers I’ve seen. It features a beautiful piece of anime-style artwork that looks like it came right out of an anime film. The clock in the art is fully dynamic and shows the time.


Download It Here


Evangelion Mac Clock Screensaver

If you are a futurist and like that cyberpunk aesthetic, this is a great option. It has a very retro-futuristic vibe, complete with Japanese lettering. This looks like the clock that would be in the cockpit of a gunman. It comes with multiple color options.


Download It Here


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