Is It Time To Return To The Office?

After two years at home, many companies want employees to return to the office. On the surface, this could make a lot of sense, but it could be hurting companies more than it will help them.


The Breakdown

Microsoft is asking workers to return to the office three days a week instead of 2, and a few weeks ago, we saw Elon musk telling employees to come back in a rather blunt way.

I understand where these companies are coming from, and I believe some positions should return to the office. But if we are all being honest, quite a few positions are perfectly fine continuing to work from home.

I find it interesting how giant tech companies spend millions of dollars per year on cafeterias with free food, free massages, vacation anytime, and all these other perks, but now all of a sudden, they won’t allow their workers to work at home?


A Better Way of Doing Things

Instead of having a forceful attitude and making workers return to the office, how can companies take a more detailed approach and end up with a much better and more efficient workforce.

The most important thing ultimately is productivity. If companies looked at their worker’s productivity and tracked that, then they might find out which employees perform better in the office and which ones perform better in a work-from-home environment. If companies did this, I think they might just be surprised.

Multiple studies have shown that remote work is way better for many positions.

I believe remote work is the future. It won’t work for every position, but it’s here to stay, and I think startups can take advantage of that to attract top talent away from the giants.


The opportunity for Startups

Startups are always better at being agile and efficient. If you run a startup, I think it’s a good idea to have an open mind about remote work and embrace it.

A recent survey showed that 6 out of 10 people prefer to work from home.

Some people think remote work is crazy but isn’t that what startups are about? Doing the things that not everyone else is willing to do and spotting the opportunities no one else is seeing?

While more prominent companies are trying to herd everyone back into an expensive glass case, you won’t have to pay for rent, and you can acquire better talent that is getting better results.


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