How To Import GoodNotes Templates (3 Easy Steps)

In this article, I’m going to show you how to import GoodNotes templates. Templates are a fantastic way to save time and customize your planner. I will show you exactly how to import templates, planners, custom notebook covers, and even stickers!


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How To Import Page Templates Into GoodNotes

The most common feature of GoodNotes is the ability to use your own custom pages. After downloading a page template as a PDF, I will show you step-by-step how to upload these pages into your notebooks in GoodNotes.

Step 1: Navigate To Settings

After you have downloaded a new template, open the GoodNotes app. In the top right corner of the main menu, you will see a settings icon; click that. A small window will appear, select the “notebook templates” option, click that.

Step 2: Select Notebook Templates

Next, you will see a new pop-up with multiple rows. Scroll all the way to the right on the first row until you see the “import” option; click that. There will be another window with two options for importing from files or photos, select the “from files” option.

Step 3: Select Import

Navigate to the folder on your iPad where you saved the template you downloaded and select that. You will then see your new template displayed in the Notebook Templates area.

Step 4: Use Your New Page Template In a Notebook

Now go back and open the Notebook you would like to use. Once it’s opened you will see a plus icon in the top right corner, click that. From there, you will see two options to add a page above or add a page below. Select the one you prefer, and it will take you to the template library where you can select the new page template you just imported. That’s it!


How To Import Notebook Covers Into GoodNotes

One of my favorite features of GoodNotes is how everything is organized into notebooks. You can change the design of your Notebooks by downloading designs online and importing them. This is how you import and use your new covers once you download them.

Step 1: Navigate To Settings

After you have downloaded your cover template go to the GoodNotes App and select the settings gear icon in the top right corner of the mane menu. A pop up will appear with multiple options, Select the “notebook Templates option”.

Step 2: Select New Covers

Once you are in the Notebook Templates area, you will see an option called “new Cover,” select that. This will take you to the covers section.

Step 3: Import Your Notebook Cover

Now that you are in the covers section scroll to the right until you see the “import” option, select that. Two options will show up, import from files and import from photos, select “import from Photos”. You can navigate to where you downloaded your cover template and select it.

Step 4: How To Change Notebook Covers In GoodNotes

Now that you have your new cover in the template library, navigate to the notebook you want to change the cover of and open it.

Once you have opened the notebook, go to the first page that is the cover. From there, select the settings icon in the top right.

Now select “Notebook Templates”

Once you are in the templates section navigate to “covers” and you will see the new notebook you imported, select it and that’s it! You have now changed your cover!


How To Import Planners Into GoodNotes

There are more than just single-page templates for GoodNotes. People create entire multipage planners. You can find free ones and quite a few premium options on Etsy. Once you download one of these notebook templates here is how to import it into GoodNotes.

Step 1: Select New On The Mane Menu

After downloading your notebook template, open the GoodNotes App. In the main menu, you will see an option called “new” select that. From there, a new menu will pop up with multiple options; select the “import” option.

Step 2: Select Your Template

Once you click the “import” option, you will be able to navigate through the files on your iPad, navigate to the notebook template you downloaded and select it.

Step 3: Use Your New Template

After you have selected the template in your computer’s files it will appear inside the GoodNotes app when you can then select it and use it! 


How To Import Stickers Into GoodNotes

A cool feature that separates GoodNotes from other note-taking applications is the ability to use stickers. The default app doesn’t come with a lot of stickers but you can download free and premium ones online and then use them in GoodNotes. Here is how to import and use stickers in GoodNotes.

Step 1: Open Your Notebook In GoodNotes

After you download your stickers as photos to your iPad, open the GoodNotes App and open the notebook you want to use the stickers in.

Step 2: Add The Stickers From Gallery

Once you have the notebook open to the page you want to add the stickers, click on the “photo” icon at the top middle of the screen. This will open your iPad Picture gallery where the stickers should be saved; select the sticker you want to use from the gallery. You will see the sticker appear on the page when you can edit it.

Step 3: Crop the Sticker (optional)

Sometimes when you download stickers you will see multiple in one photo, to use only one, tap on the photo on the page, and select the “crop” option from the pop-up.

Once you are inside the crop tool, select “freehand at the bottom right and draw a circle around the specific sticker you want to use. It will automatically crop the image and only show the sticker you selected on the page.

Step 4: Save as an Element

Now that you have your sticker, I’m going to show you how to use it as an element for easy use in the future. Tap the sticker again and select “Add Element” on the pop-up.

The element window will appear where you can add the sticker to an existing collection or create a new one. Collections are a great way to organize sticker collections.

Step 5: Add From Element

Now that your sticker is saved as an element, navigate to the “star” icon. This will bring up the elements window where you can select your sticker.

That’s it! Adding stickers from elements makes it easy to use stickers on all notebooks in the future and prevents you from having to use photos from your gallery all the time and cropping them




That’s the end of the article! I hope it helped you out and enjoy your new templates and sticker in GoodNotes.

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