Top 10+ Best Free Notion Templates For Students

Top 10+ Best Free Notion Templates For Students

If you are looking to stay organized with notion we created a comprehensive list of the best free notion templates for students. Don’t waste tons of time trying to create templates from scratch. We found the best pre built templates and dashboard to help you stay on track!


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Best Free Notion Templates For Students

There are a ton of notion templates out there. We searched the entire web to find the best ones specifically made for students and the best part is that these templates are completely free!


Campus Life Organizer

The Campus Life organizer is a fantastic free all in one notion dashboard for students. It features a planner for organizing your day and events. It also has unique features like a CRM for managing contacts if you are someone who likes to network. It also features habit tracking, goal tracking, Job applications and more.


Download The Campus Life Organizer (free)


The Ultimate Note Taking Template

Taking notes is one of the most important things you will be doing as a student. The Ultimate Note Taking Template by Thomas Frank makes this as easy and efficient as possible. It has a really grate sub folder and organization layout. My favorite feature is the status dashboard. When you write a new note you can tag it as urgent, open, ideas, and more. You can then sort and view notes by these tags in the status dashboard. its really great and i recommend clicking the link below and watching the video he made about it if you want to learn more.


Download The Ultimate Note Taking Template (free)


The Ultimate Semester Organizer

This is a fun and aesthetic notion dashboard specifically made for college students. it features and very clean assignment and exam schedule. It also has a simple daily to do list and some fun features like a Spotify player and weather widget.


Download The Ultimate Semester organizer (free)


Cornell Notes System

This is a notion template created by Notion themselves. It’s based on the Cornell note taking system which as proven to be very effective. This templates comes with some built in instructions for your first time use.


Download Cornell Notes System (free)


Notion Lesson Plans

This is another template made by Notion. It allows you to track all of your lessons in one dashboard with cool features like adding the lesson date, the status, type, and if there will be an exam. Its a really effective yet simple system that’s actually based on Harvard Business School’s Elements of Effective Class preparation.


Download Notion Lesson Plans (free)


The Notion Student Setup

This is another fantastic all in one dashboard for students. its full of great features like a full calendar, hobbit tracking, reading list, and more. What makes this one unique and stand out is the project management template. It allows you to track multiple projects and create progress check lists and action plans.


Download The Notion Student Setup (free)


Notions Reading List

its inevitable that your teacher or professor will give you a list of things to read or watch on your own. That’s why I love this simple reading list. It allows you to track more than books, it has categories for podcast, articles, essay research, videos and more. You can even track your reading status and leave a rating. It’s simplicity is what makes this such a good template.


Download Notions Reading List (free)


Student Loan Tracker Template

Student loans are never fun, but at least you can now keep track of it with this free Notion template! It has a really simple layout with monthly and yearly tracking tables and built in calculators to tell you your remaining balances.


Download Student Loan Tracker (free)


Assignment Master List

This is a very beautiful and aesthetic notion template for tracking all of your assignments. It comes with multiple views including a calendar for deadlines and lists with tags for individual subjects and classes. Each Class has its own color theme for easy visual tracking.


Download Assignment Master List (free)


Custom College Hub

Here is a really great class organizer that actually allows for some easy customization. Its divided into the mane categories, academic, personal and finance. It has a very simple class sheet that can also be viewed on the calendar. each class has its own specialized page that allows you to track the progress and view all the lesions within that class. Its a really well thought out system and I defiantly recommend check it out.


Download Custom College Hub (free)


We hope you enjoyed our blog and found these templates useful! There are many more out there but these are by far the best ones we have tried, and we tried quite a lot!


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