21 Best GoodNotes Digital Planner Templates (Free & Premium)

21 Best GoodNotes Digital Planner Templates (Free & Premium)

Here are the best GoodNotes Digital Planner Templates currently available! We spent hours finding the best free and premium options and them testing them all to see which ones are actually worth it.

GoodNotes all in one templates feature a ton of different templates such as goal trackers, fitness trackers, and even personal finance templates. These all in one planers are like the swiss army knife of GoodNotes templates and cover just about anything.

If you are looking for more GoodNotes Templates besides just digital planners we created a list of The 70+ Best GoodNotes Templates.

With that being said, some GoodNotes all in one planner templates do a better job than others at certain tasks. We broke the blog post below into different specializations. There are free and premium options for all specializations.


Best GoodNotes All In One Planner Templates

Here are my top picks for all in one GoodNotes planner templates. These are the best templates for general purpose life planning. All of these feature a detailed daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar.



The Best Free All In One GoodNote Planners


Digital Life Planner

The Digital Life Planner is my favorite free option for a free all in one digital planner. I love the dark theme, and it features very useful templates such as Weekly tasks goals, and monthly budgets. I really like the habit tracker, it actually came into more use than I was expecting.


Download The Digital Life Planner Here (free)


PaperLikes Free Digital Planner

Paperlikes is a company that actually makes iPad accessories such as screen protectors, but they released this completely free digital planner. It doesn’t feature as many templates as the Digital Life Planner, but it does offer an extremally streamlined and easy to use calendar. You can plan all your tasks each day, and them see them only a yearly and monthly calendar. This one is defiantly worth a try.



Download PaperLikes Digital Planner (free)


The Best Premium All In One GoodNote Planners


All In One Custom Digital Planner

If you are going to buy a premium all in one planner, this is one of my top two picks. For only $12 dollars you get over 70 templates, 64 planners, and even a collection of notebook covers. What makes this one really stand out for me is the clean and usable layout. Usually the problem with most other all in one GoodNotes templates is that they focus too much on the aesthetics, or they focus too much on functionality. This template perfectly blends both for an amazing value.


Download All In One Custom Digital Planner


The Custom Digital Planner

This is my second favorite premium all in one planner. It features more that 60 templates and is very similar in value to the All In One Custom Digital Planner. What I like better about this one is the tab syatem. All the tabs are color coded and allow you to easily switch out the templates o neach tab. So the appeal of this template is it allows you to create a truly custom plan to your needs. For about $11 dollars, its hard to beat.



Download The Premium All In One Planner


Undated Dark All In One Planner

This one has the sleek and sexy dark theme. When It comes to dark theme planners, this is my favorite. It’s very usable and easy to read which isn’t always the case with other dark mode planners. I also found the layout to be very usable because it features a horizontal layout. its also the cheapest template on this list for only $4 dollars and features 62 different templates.



Download Undated Dark All In One Planner


Best Aesthetic GoodNotes Digital Planner Templates

If you want something functional but also looks well designed and aesthetically pleasing then these are the planners for you. I really wanted to feature the most beautiful options for this section, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Actually some of these are the most useful options you can find due to there simple and clean layouts.




The Best Free Aesthetic GoodNotes Digital Planner Templates


Easy Digital Planner

This is a simple yearly planner, But its very well designed and aesthetically pleasing. It comes in multiple colors such as white, dark mode, forest green and pink. I love how this is hyperlinked, which makes navigation easy in GoodNotes.


Download Hyperlink Planner (free)


Ultimate Digital Planner

This is a beautiful and free dark mode digital planner for GoodNotes. It has a interesting vertical layout. I also really like the tab system



Download Ultimate Digital Planner (free)


The Best Premium Aesthetic GoodNotes Digital Planner Templates


Template Stack Digital Planner

This is probably my all time favorite digital planner for GoodNotes. Yes it does cost $14.99, but its totally worth it. I love the clean and beautiful layout. It has everything you need and its very well throughout. I love the daily template that allow you to plan things by the hour, and it even comes with a project planner.


Download Template Stack Digital Planner


Minimal Landscape Planner

The Minimal Landscape Planner is a really great minimalistic planner. I love the tab system and everything is in landscape mode, so you really do get some extra horizontal real estate for taking notes. i also find planning on a calendar to be better in landscape mode.


Download Landscape Planner


Cyberry Aesthetic Digital Planner

This is the most expensive option on the list, but I really do love this planner. I really love the clean aesthetic look, and the sticker collection it comes with is made to look like this planner is its own unique app. There is even its own special system and way of using it which is explained by video. It may not be for everyone, but I think its worth a try and its one of my top favorites!


Download Cyberry Aesthetic Digital Planner


Best GoodNotes All in One Business Planner Templates

You can use most planners for business but I really did my research to find planners with business specific features. These GoodNotes digital planners for business are perfect because they have unique features like invoicing, contact lists, profit tracking, and more.



The Best Free GoodNotes All in One Business Planner Templates


Budget Digital Planner

It was really difficult finding full business digital planners for free. So this budget digital planner is a really good free option. It will allow you to track your income and expenses, while also setting goals. I find this really useful for seeing the history of your income and profitability on a monthly basis.


You can download it for free here


The best Premium GoodNotes All in One Business Planner Templates


Small Business Planner

I really like this digital planner. It has Over 40 different page templates including ones for invoicing, budget tracking, Inventory tracking, and more. It has a clean and professional layout to all the templates and its only $5 dollars!


Download Small Business Planner


Business Planner Bundle

This one is more of a business plan alternative. It has really good templates to help you brainstorm your initial business idea and products or services. It also has a website checklist which is really great for people new to business and might not know what to include on their website.


Download Business Planner Bundle


Digital Business Planner

This is probably the most complete business planner on this list with over 760 templates! it has literally everything you need from setting goals, to hiring employees, and even tracking finances.


Download Digital Business Planner


Project Planner

This is a really simple but well design project planner. it has nice features like action steps, deadlines and resource tracking. It also comes in 3 color options. I love it because I don’t need the most advanced project planning in the world, I just need something quick and simple, and that’s exactly what this is. For only $3 dollars, you cant beat it.


Download Project Planner


Best GoodNotes Student Planner Templates

It’s easy to get off track as a student. That’s why having a digital planner on your iPad like GoodNotes can really help you. Here are my top free and paid digital planner templates for students.



The best Free GoodNotes Student Planner Templates


Digital Student Planner

This is the best all around student planner that’s free. It honestly has a lot of features like yearly, monthly, and weekly tracking. It also has semester and subject specific planning templates. You can even set goals for the semester by class.


Download Digital Student Planner (free)


Hyperlink Student Planner

This one doesn’t have as many templates as the others, but it does have a nice trendy aesthetic. I do like the landscape calendar which is hyperlinked and the tabs allow for easy navigation. Really good free option.


Download Hyperlink Student Planner (free)


Free Monthly Student Planner

This is a simple monthly planner for students. It does have some unique features like a study time tracker and a Monday through Sunday timeline separate from the calendar which is also really cool.


Download Monthly Study Planner (free)


Digital Study Cornell Notebook

Here is a Cornell method specific planner. It includes 8 lined grid paper templates and hyperlinked divider pages. This is a really good option for advanced note taking.


Download Digital Study Cornell Notebook (free)


The best Premium GoodNotes Student Planner Templates

The Ultimate student Planner

Just like the title says, this is the ultimate student planner. It has over 55 templates, 12 different planners. It has specific educational pages and even pages for productivity, fitness, and projects. I also love the colored tab system.


Download The Ultimate Student Planner


Student organizer Notebook

if you are looking for something simple yet effective, this is the planner for you. it has nice intuitive navigation and a beautiful simple design. I love the clear layout and the weekly study plan.


Download Student organizer Notebook


Full Year Student Planner

This is a digital student planner that allows you to plan an entire year. I really love the stickers it comes with that look like highlighter marks, and it even has subject specific stickers. I think the index page is really unique and something other student planners don’t feature.

BestGoodNotesDigitalPlannerTemplatesFullYear StudentPlanner

Download Full Year Student Planner


Aesthetic Academic Planner

I really love the simplicity of this planner. It features a beautifully designed layout and aesthetically pleasing fonts. It also features 16 study specific templates. I really like the study meeting notes page. It comes in handy for group projects.


Download Aesthetic Academic Planner



That’s the end of the article! I hope you enjoyed our list of the best GoodNotes digital planner templates!


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