Amazon Drone Delivery Finally Launches

After years of development, Amazon finally launched its drone delivery program, but will it meet expectations?


Small beginnings

Amazon drone delivery is now real, but only for the residents of Lockeford, California. 

According to Amazon, the customers who live in Lockeford will see items in the online store that are eligible for prime air. 

Once you place an order, you will get a status tracker with an estimated arrival time.

The drone will fly to an open space in your backyard, hover a couple of feet above the ground, lower the package to the ground, then fly away.


How real is this?

While this does seem promising, it does have convenient timing.

Only a month ago, Walmart announced its own drone delivery service. So this might be in response to that and potentially another false flag.

I also have some questions. How will they handle people in apartment buildings or large cities? Are we going to start seeing mini landing pads everywhere? I am also curious to see if people will try to steal the drones.


We live in very interesting times. While this is a very small start, it could be the beginning of a delivery revolution. 

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