The Best 18+ Aesthetic Screensavers For Mac & Windows


Finding that perfect screensaver as a great addition to any setup. If you’ve ever searched for mac screensavers, there surprisingly aren’t that many to choose from! We searched the entire internet for the best Mac and Windows screensavers. We break it down into three sections, regular screensavers, videos you can use as screensavers, and web-based screensavers.

We chose the most unique and aesthetically pleasing options online. There are quite a few that are handy and have excellent features for productivity. This list includes screensavers for Mac and windows, but if you are looking for a Mac clock screensaver, check out our article on the best Mac clock screensavers. That being said, if you’re ready to take your screensaver game up a notch, keep reading!


Aesthetic Screensavers

This section covers screensavers that work for both Mac and windows and are installed like any other regular screensaver. Most of these are free, except for the wallpaper engine, which is around $4.


Flip Clock Screensaver

This is probably the most popular screensaver out there. It features a straightforward yet aesthetically pleasing flip clock and has white and black backgrounds. It’s free, and it features a modern aesthetic that is sure to elevate any setup. You can even run this on your iPad. Defiantly check out their website. They feature some lovely inspirational photos that other users have submitted. The link is below!


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Underwater Dynamic Screensaver

If you are looking for a more creative clock screensaver, check out the Dynamic underwater screensaver. The fonts and time animations are more modern, and the slow wavy background is very soothing. It looks incredible and works as a screensaver by protecting all the pixels on the screen. The only downside is this is for windows only.


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Electric Sheep

If you like abstract and geometric screensavers, you definitely need to check out Electric Sheep. It runs on Mac, Windows, iPad, and even Android and apple TV! It features an extensive collection of detailed and unique kaleidoscopes and abstract screensavers. It’s 100% free, and it’s one of our favorites on this list!


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Word Clock

Yes, this is another clock screensaver, but wow, it’s beautiful and unique. It was created by a designer named Simon Heys. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing word clock, and it’s surprisingly simple to read. You can change the colors of the highlighted words, and he even has a circular version of the clock that looks like something that should be in tony starks lab. It’s free and for Mac only, but he did release the source code, so if you are crafty with code, then you can probably get it to run in your browser or on your windows device.


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Wallpaper Engine

The wallpaper engine is a fantastic piece of software. It’s not free; it’s about $4 dollars on steam, but its’ worth it. It features a massive library of wallpapers and screensavers. You can find video screensavers, 3D screensavers, and more. It even has many features that allow you to tweak a ton of settings. If you have RGB lighting, you can make it match your wallpaper. The only downside to this is it’s Windows only.


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Gridfiti Aura Clock Screensaver

If you like clock screensavers, but don’t like the basic black and white of the other options, then the Aura clock screensaver is a great option. It features very aesthetic fonts, but what makes it stand out is the colorful background gradients. You can get the purple version for free, but if you want other background colors like blue, green, or yellow, it costs about $5 for the entire pack of colors. It’s for Mac only, but it’s another favorite of ours!


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Aesthetic Videos For Screensavers

This section is about aesthetic videos specifically made to be screensavers. It takes a little extra setup, but the good thing is videos can be used as screensavers for both Windows and Mac. We also noticed some of the most creative and aesthetic screensavers are these videos.

Using a video as a screensaver sounds intimidating, but it’s easy to set up for both Mac and windows. We are going to link to some tutorials on how to set up videos as screensavers.

How To Use a Video As Your Screensaver For Mac

How To Use A Video As Your Screensaver For Windows

How To Download YouTube Videos

Ok! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into the list of our favorite looping videos for screensavers!


Floating In Space

This is such a unique yet calming screensaver. It features a 3D rendering of an astronaut floating in a glowy ocean, with the night sky above him. It’s hard to tell where the ocean ends and the sky begins. The colors are stunning.


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Colorful Bubbles

If you like that lava lamp aesthetic, then this video is perfect. It features very colorful blobs and bubbles moving around your screen. I could just stare at the shapes changing for hours.


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Synth City

This is the perfect screensaver for retro or synth wave lovers. It features a 3D image of a city and a setting sun. It is very detailed, and I love the sun animation.

AestheticScreensaversSynthCity 1

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Abstract Liquid

This one is different from the other options, it’s not an animation, but it features a collage of up-close and high-definition imagery of oil paint liquid art. It’s gorgeous, and I could watch this for hours.


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This is one of the most beautiful and realistic screensavers I found. Turn your monitor into a window on a rainy day. It’s aesthetically pleasing and always leaves me contemplating life when it comes on. I love using this one on rainy days or in the winter.


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MacOs Drift Screensaver

Apple makes some of the most iconic and aesthetically pleasing screensavers around. The Drift screensaver stood out when it came out with its organic shifting shapes. It reminds me of seaweed underwater. The problem is apple screensavers have always been Mac-only, but with this video, you can use it on any system!


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Illustrated Night Sky

If you like illustration or anime, this is a fantastic option. It features a lovely illustrated cloudy night with a bright full moon. The clouds are animated and loops perfectly.


Get It here


Cyberpunk Live City

This is a must-have screensaver if you are a fan of Sci-Fi and the cyberpunk aesthetic. It features Night City from the Cyberpunk video game, and all the lights, advertisements, and billboards are completely animated in a loop. I love the detail on this one.


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Neon Tunnel

This is another modern and slightly Sci-Fi screensaver. It features a laser beam bouncing off of the walls of a tunnel. It’s a bit gritty, yet very unique and cool. It reminds me of some of the old screensavers from the 90s but reimagined more modernly.

AestheticScreensaversNeonTunnel 1

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Classic Art Slideshow

If you want something tasteful and classy, check out this screensaver. It features a slideshow of classic art. I like how it features the artist’s name and the name of the art in the bottom right corner.


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Aesthetic Online Screensavers

These screensavers are entirely online and run in web browsers. Before you discredit these screensavers, they have many excellent features you wouldn’t be able to get from a regular screensaver. These can act as work dashboards and have features like taking notes, daily quotes, weather, etc.


Momentum Dashboard

The momentum dashboard is my favorite web-based dashboard. It features beautiful screensavers and wallpapers each time you open your chrome browser. I also like how it greets you by name! My favorite feature is the focus mode. When you enter focus mode, it asks you what your goals are for the day.


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Ponder is another fantastic option. I find the design and fonts more aesthetically pleasing than other dashboards. What I like about this dashboard is the daily journaling feature, where you can go back and look at all your journal entries by day and even track how many words you write.


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If you are looking for a simple and minimalistic dashboard with beautiful backgrounds and daily quotes, check out Tabliss. It doesn’t have many features like the other options, but that could be good for some people. It also supports over 40 languages.


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Headway is another simple and minimalistic dashboard. It focuses primarily on daily tasks. It’s very impressive, considering one person developed it. This is an excellent option if you only want to focus on daily tasks with a beautiful background that changes daily.


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