Best 40+ Aesthetic Fonts For Design (Free & Premium)

Aesthetic Fonts

Fonts can either make or break your design. Whenever you find the perfect font, you just know it, but finding the perfect font can be difficult. We spent an entire week putting together the most comprehensive list of aesthetic fonts. These are the fonts that we use ourselves and are trusted by top designers. We broke it up into two sections, free and premium aesthetic fonts. So if you don’t want to spend money on a font, then you don’t have to spend hours figuring out which fonts are free and which ones aren’t.

All fonts feature a download link right below each photo to make it as easy as possible. Once you find the perfect font make sure to head over to our aesthetic color palettes blog to find the perfect color schemes, and we even included hex codes for all the colors.

With that being said, let’s get into the top aesthetic fonts.

Best Free Aesthetic Fonts


Poppins is one of the best aesthetic fonts out there. It’s an entirely free google font. It’s one of our favorite fonts and the font we use on this website! We like the clean rounded features of this font. It makes it both aesthetically beautiful and practical at the same time.

AestheticFontsPoppins 1

Download it Here (Free)

Mango Grotesque

Mango grotesque is another awesome font that is completely free. It’s perfect for making a bold statement for a print design.


Download It Here (Free)

Playfair Display

Playfair Display is another favorite of ours. It’s another free google font perfect for creating that elegant design.


Download It Here (Free)


Remboy is a beautiful font if you need something striking and artistic. It’s perfect for album covers, posters, and abstract designs. I love the curved features of this font.


Download It Here (Free)

Visby CF

Visby is another excellent font for modern UI design. It’s similar to Poppins but not quite as rounded. It’s a fantastic alternative to Helvetica.


Download It Here (Free)


Montserrat is a font that I’ve been using for quite a while. It’s a very modern sans serif style font. It feels a bit art deco in its appearance, and it’s an excellent free alternative to Mango Grotesque.

Photo Credit:

Download It Here (Free)

Clash Display

Clash display is a very modern and beautiful font. It’s perfect for creating that futuristic tech appearance without going overboard. It does futurism in a very aesthetic way.


Download It Here (Free)


Butler is one of the best free serif fonts out there. It has a very iconic appearance and is used for many logo designs.


Download It Here (Free)


Harmony is another free serif font. It’s great if you are going for that high-end luxury appearance and plan to capitalize all the letters. It’s perfect for print and logo design.


Download It Here (Free)


Cormorant is one of the oldest aesthetic fonts you can find. It was created by Christian Thalmann, who has made some of the best elegant fonts. It’s free and one of the few serif fonts perfect for UI design.

Photo Credit: Ana Sakac

Download It Here (Free)


Inter is a favorite among UI Designers. It’s a very clear yet modern-looking font. It’s well suited for all caps lettering and is one of the best-looking thin-styled fonts.


Download It Here (Free)


The newake font strikes the perfect balance between rounded and bold. It’s very legible yet fresh and aesthetic. This font can work perfect for headlines and logos.


Download It Here (Free)

Kenoky Coffekan

This free font pack features two fonts that perfectly complement each other. I love the handwritten variant of this font. Finding a font that can get that handwritten feel right is tricky.


Download It Here (Free)


Radwave is a fantastic compressed sans serif font. They did a tremendous job at balance. I love using this for modern print headlines and branding..


Download It Here (Free)


Chonburi is similar to butler but a little more rounded and not as aggressive. It’s perfect if you want to capture that vintage feel in a new fresh way. I love the font when it’s bolded.


Download It Here (Free)

Neutral Face

Neutral face is a modern font inspired by swiss design. The E letter features a unique bar in the center that adds visual interest and sets this font apart. It’s perfect if you want something that makes a statement without going overboard.


Download It Here (Free)


Zodiak is one of the most popular serif fonts on Fontshare. Its popularity is due to its versatility and design. It doesn’t stray far from tradition but has a balanced and fresh look.


Download It Here (Free)


Blatant is one of my favorite aesthetic fonts. It features interesting curves that work together to give this font a modern feel. This font is perfect for modern branding and logo design. I can defiantly see a startup using this font for their brand name.


Download It Here (Free)


Wellyon is the perfect signature font. It’s hard to get signature fonts right due to their natural appearance and exaugurated lines, but I haven’t found a word combination that isn’t beautiful. This is my go-to signature font, and best of all, it’s free.


Download It Here (Free)

Projekt Blackbird

Project blackbird is a contemporary font that has a semi-blocky feel. I can see this being used for UI and branding where you want to capture a strong or sporty feel.


Download It Here (Free)


If you are looking for a free rounded font, then Satoshi is perfect. The Os feature a nice round appearance which can be hard to find for some reason. I also love the balance of the S. The spacing and weight of the font is perfect for UI, app, and experience design. It was voted one of the best free fonts by

Photo Credit:

Download It Here (Free)


If you are looking for that whimsical serif font, Boska is perfect. It features beautiful curves and lines that give it that organic and slightly handwritten feel while also being structured. I love this font for branding.


Download It Here (Free)

Best Premium Aesthetic Fonts


Gilroy is one of the best-selling fonts in the world and is the font of choice for many large design and UI agencies. This font features that perfect rounded look that is very popular with UI design.

Photo Credit: Behance

Download It Here

Neue Helvetica

Neue Helvetica is another extremely popular font used by some of the largest companies in the world, like Apple. It is primarily used for UI and web design due to its legibility.

AestheticFontsNeueHelvetica 1

Download It Here


Valverde is a beautiful yet eccentric serif font perfect for titles and branding. It comes with multiple weights and is very versatile.


Download It Here


Avenir is one of the most modern and contemporary-looking aesthetic fonts. You’ve seen this font on Sci-fi movie posters and was created by the infamous Linotype company. I love this font for all caps lettering.

AestheticFontsAvenir 1

Download It Here


Larken is a beautiful aesthetic font inspired by nature’s beauty. It’s soft yet sharp at the same time. It’s very iconic and perfectly balanced. It features seven weights and is perfect for branding and titles.


Download It here

Sofia Pro

Sofia Pro is one of my favorite fonts of all time. It’s very rounded and modern. It is an Adobe Font, and you can gain access to this font through an adobe creative cloud subscription.


Download It Here

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova is a Sans Serif font with a contemporary and modern aesthetic. This is another awesome font for UI design, but the bolded weights work fantastic for headlines and logo design.

Photo Credit: Tri Vo

Download It Here


Chloe is a beautiful and trendy font with a vintage touch. I love this font for fashion, beauty, and luxury designs. Compared to other premium fonts, this one is priced very well.


Download It Here


Recoleta is a very playful serif font from Linotype. It has a more casual and vintage feel compared to other fonts, and I love the iconic balance of the bolded weights.


Download It Here


Tangerine was inspired by the 70s and specifically designed to recreate that time’s whimsical and retro feeling. It’s perfect for nostalgic and vintage print headlines. This font was created by an independent designer and is another well-priced font.


Download It Here

The Seasons

The Seasons is a beautiful and elegant serif font. This is one of the few fonts I like in italics. I can see this being used for jewelry brands or magazine copy.


Download It Here


Miamo is one of the most Aesthetic fonts available. It’s a more modern, sleek alternative to optima roman. This font gives off a luxurious and high-end appearance and is used by many fashion and beauty brands.


Download It Here

Cera Pro

Cero pro Strikes the perfect balance between round and sharp. It’s ideal for UI design, but I’ve also seen this font used for branding and packaging design.


Download It Here

Trade Gothic

Trade Gothic is perfect for bold headlines and print. It is a font that was first created post world war two and is still one of the most popular fonts to this day.


Download It Here


Albra is very sharp yet features subtle curves that give it a unique look. It has a high-end look with a little attitude. It is perfect for branding and headlines.


Download It Here


Hunter is a masculine take on classical Fonts. It embraces sharper features while also remaining elegant with long emphasized monogram style glyphs.


Download It Here

Furlong Vintage

Furlong Vintage is a fresh take on classical font styles. You can see the inspiration while having its own unique personality. Its perfect for fashion, magazines, and print.


Download It Here


Fester is an excellent font for modern startup branding. It’s modern and very legible, yet it features unique curves that set it apart and looks Iconic and brandable.


Download It Here

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque is one of my favorite fonts. It’s very modern yet gives off an art deco aesthetic. I love it for packaging design, and it’s an excellent choice for beverage products and restaurants.


Download It Here

TT Hoves Pro

TT Hoves is a font designed for the modern age and inspired by technology and geometry. I love the little details on the R.


Download It Here

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