Best 40+ Aesthetic Color Palettes (With Hex Color Codes)

Aesthetic Color Palettes

Whether you’re designing a flyer, website, or illustration, sometimes you need a little inspiration. We put together the most comprehensive collection of aesthetic color palettes on the internet. We created over 40 different color palettes, from Sci-Fi color palettes to VSCO and vintage color palettes. There is something here for everyone, and we even included all the exact hex codes so you can easily copy and paste them into your project. Everything is organized into seven categories in the table of contents, so keep reading below to discover your perfect color combination.

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Best Aesthetic Color Palettes

Here is a collection of beautiful aesthetic color palettes based around a singular color theme.

Aesthetic Pink Clouds Color Palette

The perfect color combination for evening pink clouds.

Color Codes: #756881 , #b38ea9 , #cdb8cc , #f3ced3


Aesthetic Peach Color Palette

Here is a great palette for a vibrant yet natural peach color scheme.

Color Codes: #ff7d75 , #ec7f70 , #d28372 , #e59884

AestheticColorPalettesColorPeach 1

Aesthetic Beige Color Palette

Here is the perfect beige color range. It’s great for interior designs or natural designs.

Color Codes: #af9075 , #bea78f , #c9bcaa , #dad6d1

AestheticColorPalettesColorBeige 1

Aesthetic Brown Color Palette

Here is a color palette for the perfect vibrant brown vibe.

Color Codes: #8a5129 , #9b633a , #c99f6d , #e6cea3


Aesthetic Yellow Color Palette

This is the color palette for you if you are looking for that excellent yellow range and specifically for nice yellow shadow colors.

Color Codes: #c27200 , #c58c2c , #e0a740 , #e3b665


Aesthetic Grey Color Palette

This color palette captures the spectrum of moody greys from dark grey to light grey.

Color Codes: #595959 , #7c7c7c , #b4b4b4 , #e6e6e6


Best VSCO Color Palettes

If you are you looking for that VSCO filter look then our collection of color palettes perfectly captures the VSCO color range.

VSCO Aesthetic Grunge Color Palette

This color palette captures the giddy fall filter colors you find from VSCO.

Color Codes: #6b6a5c , #ab6a4b , #aea999 , #e8d8cc


VSCO Beach Color Palette

If you love the look of beach photography with the VSCO filter applied, then this is exactly what you are looking for.

Color Codes: #317475 , #957e6e , #cac0bb , #e4e5e5


VSCO Light Color Palette

VSCO is known for its light and airy filter. This color palette perfectly captures those airy blues and greens.

Color Codes: #8ba5a0 , #b6cbc3 , #b1c2b4 , #e1dcc8


VSCO Architecture Color Palette

This is perfect for a moody and powerful dusk architecture composition.

Color Codes: #325764 , #477187 , #96b4c7 , #b9b5b6


VSCO Sky Color Palette

This VSCO-inspired color composition gives that nostalgic afternoon vibe.

Color Codes: #5c7489 , #ab5f79 , #b5c7d1 , #d8e2e6


VSCO Urban Color Palette

I love this palette for urban shadows and concrete tones. It’s based on the VSCO filters and is perfect for that urban feel.

Color Codes: #6e6d71 , #d4b9b2 , #f9ddce , #efe0da


Best Vintage Color Palettes

These color palettes are perfect for you if you want that perfect vintage look. We have themes like the 70s, 90s, and even art deco.

Vintage Brown Color Palette

This color palette is perfect for capturing that vintage California road trip feeling. Mid browns complimented by light ocean spray greens.

Color Codes: #af7e56 , #dbb590 , #b9bbb3 , #e2e5de


70s Color Palette

The 70s is best known for its color palette of greens, oranges, and browns. This color palette highlights the most iconic colors of the 70s.

Color Codes: #575949 , #b5531e , #d4a36d , #bcc587


90s Color Palette

Here is a vibrant 90s nostalgic color palette for those late evenings with friends before we were grown-ups.

Color Codes: #493a3a , #70877d , #fe9e04 , #c55e44


60s Color Palette

Here is a color palette perfect for recreating that fresh, hip 60s look. Dark browns partnered with baby blue and neon orange.

Color Codes: #4c3739 , #df4c22 , #94baca , #d8d5d7


Art Deco Color Palette

Here is a color scheme that captures a vintage warm art deco look with old brass and terrazzo accents.

Color Codes: #505879 , #91524b , #d5a510 , #dca880


Vintage Sign Vegas Color Palette

Here is a color scheme for a vintage motel in las Vegas. I love the blues and the weathered reds that display as light pink.

Color Codes: #337995 , #6f9bb4 , #e0c8c6 , #e0d6d8


Best Urban Color Palettes

Looking for those gritty urban tones? This collection of color palettes focuses on a variety of iconic urban environments and moods.

Brooklyn New York Color Palette

This color palette is perfect for capturing that iconic bookly bridge blue paired with the deep browns of the buildings.

Color Codes: #553931 , #a7522e , #94a3b4 , #bbb4b7


Barcelona Spain Color Palette

This beautiful color palette perfectly captures the shades of browns you can find in Barcelona, Spain.

Color Codes: #4d3422 , #947355 , #aca59b , #d1d2d1


Rome Italy Color Palette

This moody color palette captures the cold ancient stone of the old roman architecture.

Color Codes: #584742 , #b4b0b0 , #d3dcdd , #dedbdd


Tokyo Japan Color Palette

There no other mood like Tokyo Japan. This color palette perfectly captures the hues and shadows of the bright and iconic neon lights that line every street.

Color Codes: #181a29 , #3b6d65 , #b52445 , #46b6a2


Manhattan New York Color Palette

This is the perfect color palette for capturing the dark and powerful ambiance of Manhattan, New York.

Color Codes: #052d2b , #247778 , #54adb0 , #d59667


Best Sci-Fi Color Palettes

If you are looking for those eye-catching and futuristic colors, then this collection of color palettes is perfect. It features everything from cyberpunk to the green matrix filter.

Cyberpunk Color Palette

This color palette captures the vibrancy and energy of the cyberpunk neon aesthetic.

Color Codes: #1d394c , #286f76, #d8432f , #12bcce

Frame 22

Bladerunner Color Palette

This color palette is perfect if you want to get the Bladerunner look. It captures the dark, ominous streets covered in neon lights.

Color Codes: #070c1d , #0b447a , #ff0173 , #c5dee9

Frame 20

Bladerunner 2049 Orange Color Palette

This color palette captures the bright and striking look of the orange pollution featured in scenes of Bladerunner 2049.

Color Codes: #ac5104 , #c16604 , #e08b04 , #f2a504

Frame 21

Matrix Color Palette

Want the iconic green hue of the matrix? This color palette gives you the perfect color range for the green haze in the Matrix film series.

Color Codes: #15180d , #2d402a , #869064 , #af997b

Frame 24

Nero Color Palette

The Dj Nero features a unique aesthetic in his music videos. If you want to recreate the look, then this color palette below is perfect for you.

Color Codes: #0d0d1b , #0e365d , #363b61 , #c96e6e

Frame 19

Arrival Color Palette

This color palette perfectly creates that ominous fog scene featured in many Sci-Fi movies. It’s simple but striking.

Color Codes: #1a1d1b , #7f4737 , #4c6464 , #cfcccf

Frame 23

Best Nature Color Palettes

This collection of color palettes perfectly captures the incredible range and beauty you can find in nature, from beautiful sunsets to snowy mountain tops and even the Aurora Borealis.

Sunset Color Palette

This color palette captures the vibrant blues, purples, and pinks of a sunset.

Color Codes: #6e6bbf , #947ccb , #e8add2 , #fbd6d5


Ocean Color Palette

Capture the deep shades of blue you see in the tropical ocean using the color palette below.

Color Codes: #23869b , #23869b , #99d0da , #cddde3


Aurora Borealis Color Palette

Recreate the magic of the Aurora Borealis using the color palette below.

Color Codes: #1e315b , #286c92 , #5198bb , #67bdd8


Mountain Color Palette

This color Palette captures the hues and tones of a snowy mountainside.

Color Codes: #2d3b51 , #6f83a3 , #adb4c9 , #e5e2e6


Green Plant Color Palette

This color palette perfectly captures the deep shades of green you can find on forest plants.

Color Codes: #0b2915 , #1f5f31 , #3e844f , #6eab7b


Desert Canyon Color Palette

This bright brown and beige color palette captures the spirit of desert canyons.

Color Codes: #582a23 , #995643 , #cc724b , #f1c49e


Best Fashion Color Palettes

This collection of color palettes focuses on the tones and hues you find in the fashion world.

Vogue Magazine Color Palette

This color palette captures the natural moody tones frequently featured on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Color Codes: #161516 , #a46d41 , #9f9a8f , #d9d6d1


Urban Fashion Color Palette

Recreate the urban greys and charcoal tones of urban fashion photography.

Color Codes: #161411 , #7d7265 , #9a9590 , #aca49f


Street Wear Color Palette

This palette features the natural and fresh colors of streetwear fashion. Streetwear has been utilizing more natural tones instead of the bright, vibrant colors found in the past.

Color Codes: #151613 , #877b75 , #d2c5bd , #99c3d5


Instagram Influencer Color Palette

This color palette captures the natural, earthy tones you see being used by Instagram influencers.

Color Codes: #59442c , #676754 , #cfa785 , #9f9f8c


Skin Tones Catalogue Fashion Color Palette

This is the perfect color palette for getting those natural skin tones that have become a popular fashion and beauty trend lately.

Color Codes: #33211b , #7b412d , #e5bba1 , #f0b29b


Music Album Cover Color Palette

Get that vibrant pop music album cover look with this color palette.

Color Codes: #791d26 , #696184 , #a4576f , #cb545a


That’s our list of color palettes! We tried to capture all aesthetics. We are continuously updating this post, so be sure to check back and let us know if we left anything out!

Make your own custom color palettes

If you still didn’t find what you are looking for, there is this cool online tool that allows you to upload any photo, and it automatically gives you a pretty good color palette.

You can check out the color palette generator here.

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