20 Insanely Beautiful Minimalist Home Office Setups

We Love showcasing beautiful desk setups. It gives us inspiration and ideas on how we can improve our own. here are 30 of the most aesthetically beautiful minimalist desk setups.

1. The Monochrome Setup By Ulresch

I absolutely love the monochrome feel of this setup. The background really brings this together. I still love the pops of color with the monitor shelf and keyboard.

setup 1
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2. Off White By Jespermunozx

this setup really makes me feel productive. I love the natural lighting, and the vibrant desktop background really pops against the white theme of the room!

clean white setup 2
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3. Minimal Chic By Durietz Design

This isn’t what you typically imagine when you think of a “desk Setup” But I really love this. It’s true minimalism at its best and everything feels high-end and purposeful. There’s nothing extra, just exactly what you need. This could be a great office approach for those seeking a better work-life balance.

chic setup 3
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4. The View By Justin Tse

Justin is a Youtuber who really does amazing interior design work, and this desk setup is no exception. I love how he has his desk placed in the center of the room instead of against the wall. This room also has a fantastic view and I find it interesting how he placed the desk to not face the view directly as most would.

setup 4
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5. The Arch By Michael Molthan Luxury Homes

This is a beautiful high-end luxury office setup. I love the wood choice for the table and the swivel chair. This is the house of a CEO.

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6. The Musician By Shannon Tweed Designs

A creative and masculine vibe while still feeling clean and productive.

office 6
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7. Tree Space By Studiofour

This very classical minimalist office is located right in Australia. It has a beautiful view of a park which is perfect for some quiet study.

est living central park road residence ii 01
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8. Creative Corner By Full Of Grace Interiors

If you are an introvert like myself then this minimal workspace will really appeal to you. Its located in a private nook of the house far away from others, while still providing nice natural light. I love the aesthetic chairs and marble table surface.

est living full of grace interiors south yarra home 2 19
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9. The Round Table By Fiona Lynch

I found this office setup really interesting because they opted for a round table. That could be a fantastic way to hold collaborative meetings.

est living fiona lynch elsternwick house 7

10. The Naturalist

This is a more natural feeling approach. It is still minimal, but it shows you how you can create a more natural feel through paint, fabrics, and lighter wood surfaces.

minimalist home office desk
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11. Japandi Office By Japandi Design

Here is a Japanese-inspired home office. It really doesn’t get more minimal than this, but the giant stone table creates this stand-out statement piece, and I love the neutral use of color. It’s simple yet high-end at the same time.

japanese office
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12. The Nook By Amanda Martocchio Architecture

I love this simple yet elegant approach to a home office! I love how the desk wraps around the room and window, giving a command center feel.

orange office
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13. The Closer By Jonathan Clark Architects

The cool thing about this home office is the door can actually close in front of the desk creating a wall and hiding the work area completely! This is such a cool idea for when you want to use your room for different purposes.

islington apartment jonathan clark architects img c1c11bc105b2187f 6482 1 d686c0d w800 h800 b2 p0
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14. Coworking By Anna Stathaki

This is a great home office design for those working with a spouse!

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15. All Black By Up For Grabs Interiors

I love the all-black theme of this small work area. The chair and the lamp are actually really affordable finds on amazon.

all black
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16. The Captain By Perla Windows

I love this office so much. It combines traditional elements perfectly with ultra-modern ones. One of my favorite things about office decoration is how they tell the story of a person, which is reflected here.

the captain
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17. The View By Kolbe Windows & Doors

This is a very minimal home office design, but then again, why would you want anything obstructing that view?

the view
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18. The Designer By Siberian Interiors.

If the devil wears Prada had a home office, it would probably look like this.

the designer home office
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19. Zen Waves By Daniel Titchener

Love this amazing desk space by the YouTuber, Daniel Titchener! Really love the wood paneling and how it contrasts with the grey chair.

download 1
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That’s it! I hope you found these desk accessories helpful!

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