19 Desk Decor Ideas That Will Actually Make You More Productive

Your desk setup can literally make or break your productivity. You don’t need every gadget out there, you just need to get the fundamentals right. In this blog, we showcase 19 products that will dramatically improve your work area’s aesthetics, and also increase your productivity at the same time.

1. Desk Pads

Desk pads not only look fantastic by providing some visual contrast to your desk, but they are extremely practical. They are the perfect surface for placing your elbows and protecting your fancy west elm desk at the same time.

desk pad
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2. Wall Calendar

Fancy goal trackers on your computer are honestly getting way to complicated, not to mention I forget to even open those apps half the time. So a simple visual reminder of what you need to get done on your wall is the perfect low-tech way to actually keep your goals in sight. We found this cool acrylic one on Etsy.

Wall Calendar
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3. Standing Desk

Studys are showing that sitting down for long periods of time are really bad for your health. A standing desk is a great solution to stay in shape while also staying productive. Sure it might look a little silly, but even standing for only a couple of hours a day has fantastic health benefits.

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4. Phillips Hue Bulbs

I love the Phillips Hue series of lighting. each bulb has a range of LED lighting that you can adjust, and they even have an app that you can program to change your lighting based on a specific time of day. This is the perfect visual queue in the afternoon to stop working.


5. Minimal Desk Orginization

There’s always some clutter we keep on our desk. if you don’t keep it organized it can make your desk look chaotic, that’s why I like these little desk trays you can get from grove made to keep your pens, pencils, and other nick snacks organized.

desk orginization
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6. Comfortable Seating

the single most important piece of furniture in your office is by far the chair, so blow your budget on a cool gaming PC and then only be left with a hand-me-down squeaky chair your mother gave you. It’s important to invest in a quality chair because it will make your sitting experience better while also saving you from future back procedures in the future.

herman miller erganomic seating
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7. Ikea Skadis Wall Orginization

If you have a lot of things you want to keep visually around you then a cool way to do this is with the Ikea Skadis wall organization system. It allows you to insert hooks, shelves, and more in a grid formation on your wall. It also has a cool modern workstation aesthetic.

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8. Wall Hangars

Speaking of wall organization, another cool option is to use wall hangars. You can use it to place your backpack, and coats on the wall which can come in handy if you are a business person always on the go.

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9. Dual Monitors

The only people who say you don’t need dual monitors are the people who don’t have them. Once you try dual monitors, you will never go back. Dual monitors allow you to listen to music while working or view multiple web pages at the same time.


10. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to display your items in a more traditional way. The key here is shelves allow you to greater the visual appeal of organization, which really does make you more productive.

desk shelves
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11. Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

If you don’t need a wired mouse for serious gaming then I highly recommend a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, It keeps your desk space looking clean, while also just making storage and use way more convenient.

bluetooth keyboard and mouse
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12. Monitor Stand

Monitor stands are another great way to organize your desk, its perfect for hiding wires, extra storage drawers, or just elevating your monitor to a height that matches your eyes better.

desk shelf
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13. Plants

Ferrari added plants to their factory and saw a 20% increase in productivity from their workers. So why not do the same thing yourself? Studies have shown having plants and greenery increases mood, creative thinking, and productivity.

desk plant
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14. Minimal Area Rug

If you have hardwood floors then you know the challenge a rolling office chair provides. Instead of getting those weird plastic mats, get a nice minimal area rug. It will allow you to control your office chair better, while also being cozy for your feet, Oh, and also while looking cool.

office area rug
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15. Large Scale Art

Do not get those stupid “entrepreneurial” quote posters, please. Instead, think about who or what inspires you and place large art on your wall. maybe it’s the view of where you want to live, or a person who inspires you. The key is to be less direct.

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16. Ikea SIGUM Cable Management

The number one thing that can ruin a well-designed office is terrible cable management. The good news is Ikea makes an easy and cheap solution you can place under your desk called the SIGNUM cable management system.

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17. Phone Stand

A fantastic desk accessory is a phone stand. You can find ones that have built-in charging ports like the one I found on Etsy in the photo below.

il 1588xN.2179111018 ttgd
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18. Monitor Arms

Monitor arms are one of my favorite desk accessories, It frees up extra space on your desk while also looking like something from the future.

ffgsfsdfsdf 1

19. Wide Desk

Lastly, make sure you get a desk that is actually wide enough, I see people all the time with small desks, and honestly, it just does not look fun. remember your going to spend a majority of your work day sitting at your desk, so give yourself a little elbow room.

large desk
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That’s it! I hope you found these desk accessories helpful!

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